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A Leading Provider of Long-term, Value-added Financial Counsel and Exceptional Retirement Planning Services in Nigeria.

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Our unrelenting and fervent attention to details makes us a very good option for anyone hoping to retire without stress and difficulty.

We will eliminate the regret of financial ignorance through our tested and trusted advisory experience to our client.

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and Retirement Seminars
To empower your decision making, we organize 100% bespoke and unbiased Seminar focused on the pillars of effective retirement for…

Supplementary Retirement

Benefit Arrangements
You can no longer rely on the statutory or regular contributions only to cover your retirement. People are living longer, health costs…

Retirement Benefits

Projection and Advisory
Determining your retirement income needs and monitoring your progress toward your goal can mean the difference between having a…

Our Core Values

Treat our Customers with Deep Respect
Utmost Service
Our Utmost Service for our Clients
Honest & Dependable
Honesty, Integrity and Dependability

Other Services from Outright Retirement & Financial Solutions

We will ensure each client receives an individualized analysis reflecting their current situation and available financial/retirement solutions applicable to their particular situation as well as specific recommendations as to which paths to follow

  • We facilitate all types of Retirement and Financial Seminars
  • We act as Agents to Insurance Company for Life and Non-life businesses
  • We conduct impactful Basic, Intermediate and Advance Microsoft Excel Training
  • We advise on SME start up

Retirement Planning: Questions to think About

  1. What additional contributions can I make NOW to achieve a targeted monthly pension at retirement (with different scenarios)?
  2. What are key factors determine my lumpsum, programmed withdrawal and annuity payment at retirement?
  3. How will my lump-sum, programmed withdrawal and annuity be computed?
  4. What should be my preferred benefit option – programmed withdrawal or annuity (unbiased consideration of the options)?
  5. What will happen after 18yrs if my option is programmed withdrawal (longevity risk) and what happens before and after 10yrs if my option is annuity (death and survivorship risk)?
  6. Can I get part of my accumulated fund after retirement, when I have started getting my monthly pension?
  7. Death benefit and payment to beneficiaries – issues and resolutions
  8. How is my PFA performing (impartial assessment)?
  9. Which Insurance Company is paying the highest monthly annuity with the lowest financial risk (unbiased assessment)?
  10. Spending power risk – can my monthly programmed withdrawal or annuity increase?
  11. Company failure risk- do Federal Government has any arrangement in place in case a PFA or Insurance Company fails (like NDIC to Banks)?