Welcome to Outright Retirement and Financial Solutions

OUTRIGHT RETIREMENT AND FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS (RC 1363827) is a new professional outfit that assist you “Plan Your Tomorrow Today”. OUTRIGHT RETIREMENT AND FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS (ORFS) was established to provide our Clients long-term, value-added financial counsel and retirement planning with exceptional service.  We are committed to providing our Clients with a superior level of service as well as continuing education, designed to aid and broaden their horizon before and after retirement in furthering their understanding of their preferred options at retirement.  ORFS will work alongside our clients in articulating, establishing, and achieving their life goals at retirement.

We have observed considerable growth in Nigerian Pension industry, but this growth has not translated into understanding of the Pension Scheme and its workings. Today a lot of persons covered, not covered or refused to be covered by the Scheme; together with so many employers are still confused about how the Nigerian Pension Industry operates. So many are still confused about:

  1. Right or preferred benefit option at retirement (especially as it relates to annuity and programmed withdrawal).
  2. The additional contributions to help achieve preferred retirement goals.
  3. The other benefit options available on exit before the compulsory retirement age.
  4. Vital documentations to process pre-retirement or retirement benefit.
  5. Deceased benefit processes in the unfortunate event of death.

Clearly from the above, retirement plans are complex, and the rules are constantly evolving. Employers and employees typically don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of running a retirement plan; they have their own business to worry about. Working with us at OUTRIGHT RETIREMENT AND FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS allows you to receive a robust plan toward your staff retirement without losing focus on your business.

We believe with responsible decisions, reasonable expectations and attentive counsel, each of our clients can achieve their financial and retirement life goals.

It is to this end and purpose and on behalf of our clients that OUTRIGHT RETIREMENT AND FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS exist.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our clients make intelligent financial and retirement decisions through professional relationships based on trust and personalized service. 

As shown in our name OUTRIGHT RETIREMENT AND FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS (ORFS), we will accomplish this mission by offering all-inclusive bespoke advisory services to help our clients arrange and attain their life financial and retirement goals.